There are many challenges placed on roofing design throughout Australia. The stress from cyclones, inclement weather, extreme temperature variations, and the need to keep your project within a well defined budget.

Each time you erect a single roof truss manufactured by us, you’ve completed three operations in one: rafters, joists, and bracing. Conventionally it takes a three-to-five-person crew to build a roof; while one carpenter and a helper can install the same roof with our prefabricated trusses.


Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing processes provide many benefits such as-

1) Cost of construction – Pre-fabricated trusses are known to save up to 20 per cent on the roof structures compared to that of other construction methods or materials.

2) Speed of installation – Trusses are delivered to the site as complete units, allowing your roof to be erected quickly.

3) Quality Control – trusses are manufactured, which allows for exacting standards of quality control that ensure minimum variation in truss profiles.

4) Roof shapes – Any roof shape such as gables, scissors and hips can be achieved. Trusses are custom-made to any design, pitch or span for new buildings or to match an existing structure.