Bendigo Truss Plant has been providing quality designed Roof Trusses, Wall Frames and Posi-Struts since 1974.

“Quality Designed Truss And Frames Built To Last”


In 1955 Allan Holland and Don Sherman co-founded Sherman & Holland; builders of fine quality homes incorporating a joinery and employing many local trades. The partnership trained many carpenters who later became master builders. In 1974, Allan Holland established the first truss plant in Bendigo and the company became a licensed Fabricator. The original offices and factory were in Hattam Street Golden Square which began with little more than 5 employees.

With the demand for prefabricated trusses on the increase the company underwent a period of growth. The result was that the Bendigo Truss Plant was required to relocate.

This occurred in 1993, after acquiring a spacious 5-acre block along Napier Street in Epsom allowing the company to alleviate any previous storage issues.

However, growth continued, and the time had come to expand again. In June 2004, the company moved its wall frame manufacturing department to what was known as the Epsom Market. Again, this provided the company with ample space to work with to be able to meet the ever-increasing demand.

Today we employ around 50 employees working across two locations in central Victoria and delivering into the Central, Western, Northern and Metropolitan regions. We also supply into some parts of NSW and South Australia.

We use plantation pine in our manufacturing process. It is a natural renewable resource that is environmentally friendly thereby allowing us to help to reduce the greenhouse effect.


At Bendigo Truss Plant we strive to bring you a quality product Manufactured from renewable sources. Our office and truss plant operates using solar energy, further reducing our carbon footprint.
Forests and timber products provide valuable carbon storage, absorbing greenhouse gas and locking it into the wood until it rots, decays or burns. This has the effect of reducing global emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change. The Forestry Corporation reports that the combined net annual carbon sequestration of sustainably managed State forests and the timber products they produce is equivalent to 230,000 cars being taken off the road.
Timber building products have other notable environmental benefits. Timber is highly durable, with some hardwoods offering a service life of over 50 years and requiring minimal energy to maintain. It is also highly recyclable, non-toxic and biodegradable, meaning it can be broken down into materials that will not harm humans or the environment. Timber structures are thermally efficient and naturally insulating, reducing consumption of non-renewable energy. Sustainably sourced timber is renewable and encourages the growth of managed forests which help with CO2 absorption across the globe and encourage local biodiversity.

Source: architectureanddesign.com.au


Our products are of the highest quality and designed to meet engineering specifications and provide confidence and ease of assembly on site.

  • Roof Trusses – Manufactured and supplied using quality stress graded timber, our roof trusses can be designed to suit any roof shape. All of which are custom made and engineered to suit your needs and speed of installation on site.

  • Wall Frames – Manufactured from the highest quality stress graded timber to ensure precision and accuracy, our prefabricated wall frames greatly reduce the time necessary to conventionally stick build a home.

  • Posi-Struts – Ideal for long span floor joists, Posi’s are unique open web design truss that allow services such as plumbing, electrical conduits and air conditioning to be run between the chords and webs.



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