If you are looking for a more economical and easier way to construct long span floor rafters or purlin systems then the Posi-STRUT® and Posi-JOIST® open web truss system is for you.

The unique open web design means you can duct services like plumbing, electrical and air conditioning between the top and bottom chords with no need for drilling, notching or the construction of extensive bulkheads.

Better yet, the time and cost savings don’t end there; because they are up to 50% lighter than conventional solid timber joists, this makes handling much faster and easier. They are also manufactured to meet the requirements of your job, so there is no on-site trimming required.

The performance of PosiStruts® & PosiJoists® have been proven on many projects around Australia from houses to multi-residential and commercial properties. Because of this you can be sure that they will provide the best solution for you and your long span floor.

These features alone greatly reduce construction times and costs and allows you to get your project to completion much faster.

Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing processess provide the following benefits –

1) Plumbing, electrical conduit and other services can be run between chords and webs

2) No drilling or nothing required to accommodate services

3) Additional width available for fixing flooring.

4) Larger clear spans.

5) Ceiling material can be fixed directly to the truss bottom chords.

6) Internal load bearing walls, piers or stumps and bearers can be reduced or eliminated.

7) Shrinkage problems sometimes encountered with unseasoned solid timber are reduced or eliminated.

8) Lightweight and easy to handle.

9) Load sharing ability.

10) Strongback bracing increases floor stiffness and reduces squeaky floors.

11) Optional top chord support reduces on-site labour.