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The Bendigo Truss Plant is a leading provider in prefabricated roof trusses wall frames and posi-struts

Backed by the timber suppliers 25 year gaurantee; Termite Resistant Plantation Pine is a modern building material treated with an environmentally friendly insecticide to make the timber resistant to termite attack.

Termite resistant structural grade timber is light, yet easy to use and durable. It is non-corrosive and normal steel nails and plates are suitable for use. It won’t rust, conduct electricity and is safe to live with.

The treated timbers used at the Bendigo Truss Plant conform to the minimum H2 treatment level requirements or higher as defined by AS1604, these products offers the discerning builder and home owner peace of mind with a termite resistant house frame.

Termitruss is cheaper than other building materials such as concrete, steel or aluminium and is cost effective compared to other barrier systems which can be bridged or breached.

Termitruss acts in two ways to minimise termite entry into homes. The essential structure of the home is made unpalatable to the termite, negating the incentive for them to enter or stay. Secondly, permethrin’s repellent properties create a very unfriendly environment for termites (and spiders, silverfish, etc) in, under and around floors, walls and roofs.

Termite protected pine has no effect whatsoever on the strength of the timber and also has no effect whatsoever on timber flammability.

You only get one opportunity to build-in guaranteed protection against termites...that is before the wall frames and roof trusses are built.

So, for the best protection for your home and your peace of mind ensure that you use Termitruss termite resistant timber.

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