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The Bendigo Truss Plant is a leading provider in prefabricated roof trusses wall frames and posi-struts

Prefabricated timber frames & trusses are the best way to speed up production to save on time and money in the production process. The key benefits from choosing Prefabricated Frames & Trusses include:

Cost effective, safe and maintenance free termite resistant timber for your home.

Easy to work with and handle

Conforms to Australian Standard and BCA requirements.

Out performs other materials in a fire situation

Is extremely energy efficient

Non-corrosive to nails and fixing plates

Low carbon footprint

Suitable for Modern Methods of Construction, reducing waste and speeding construction time

Is a renewable resource

Safe for users, owners and the environment

Timber outperforms all other methods of construction framing hands down. That’s why each year over 90% of Australia’s new home builders use timber as their starting point.

If you balance up the alternatives you’ll find plantation pine is the most cost effective framing material. Also, because it’s so widely available it means great value for money

Time is on your side with a plantation pine framed house. They are built faster because contractors are already familiar and comfortable with the simple requirements. They find it easy to handle, easy to nail, easy to adjust and easy to obtain.

For the builder, tooling up is just as easy with plantation pine. No specialised cutting and fixing tools, no extra costs.

Pine is such an integral part of the home, once it’s built you can easily add shelves to walls, put up pictures, add skirtings; do almost anything you like. Extending is no problem; go up, to the side, move a door, add a window, or just modernise – it’s all so simple when using pine.

Timber construction methods also offer the flexibility needed to develop innovative designs for sensitive sites, for example, steep slopes and reactive soils, minimise cut and fill and eliminate wall cracking.

In addition, timber frames and trusses won’t rapidly expand and contract with temperature variations or make any unwelcome noises like steel does. Also they’ll never rust, which makes it a must for houses close to the coast.

Timber won’t ever become slippery due to condensation or rain, and will never become excessively hot due to the heat from the sun. Plantation pine is extremely solid and resilient; so much so that it bounces back from hard knocks. Yet it can be easily replaced or repaired on-site should the need ever occur.

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